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"That Ain't Love" live on "In Session"

Our acoustic version of "That Ain't Love" filmed at Signature Sounds in San Diego for "In Session"!  It features the band plus our good friend, Mr. Jordan Katz on trumpet and Larry throwing down on an outro solo!

The Return of the Brian Lanzone

Sightings of the man in Reno have been confirmed.  Most recently there have been reports coming from Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico.  Wanderlust has consumed many a man, but we will have the pleasure to hear of his travels and his bass playing this Sunday when he joins us land-lovers for a show at Dinosaur Caves Park in Shell Beach.  Oh, and make sure you bring your mama.  Details are on the tour page.

Pacific Breeze Concert Series



DCB on "In Session"

Damon Castillo Band is featured on Wealth TV's new series, "In Session", airs on May 1st at 2pm PST and 5pm EST. If you have AT&T Uverse or Verison FiOS or Charter cable (among other cable providers) you can see it!

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